ProKennex – Saying Goodbye to Tennis Elbow… again

We have decided to bring in a brand that was super familiar to players back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Pro Kennex! If you were into tennis gear back in those days, you should remember how ProKennex racquets were known for tennis elbow prevention. During the times of stiffer, more powerful and lighter frames, ProKennex really secured a niche for themselves.

Fast forward to the present, they have been working hard to come out of hibernation to once again alleviate tennis elbow issues. We really hope they stick around for good this time because we’re always encountering players who complain about elbow issues with the poly strings they use or just the wear and tear they’ve accumulated over the hours or hitting.

We’ve brought in the Q+Tour, Q+5, and the Q+15 for you all to demo. Stop in now!

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