Wilson Clash – Dare We Say… Racquet of the Year?!


If you follow tennis equipment, you probably realize that there are very few advancements when it comes to racquet technology. There was the Prince O3 technology which was strange with all the huge holes… there’s all these newer and lighter materials blended or weaved into graphite but it’s aways a small amount for marketing purposes. Never have we seen what Wilson has attempted.

For about a year now, Wilson has been hyping up a secret racquet that’s been tested by rec players to teaching pros and tournament players. They would ship the racquets in crazy packaging with “top-secret” manila envelopes asking players to go on a mission to demo the Clash.  And for about a month or so now, we’ve been seeing the hype pay off. Players are flocking to try this new racquet which was designed by AI. The entire racquet from head to grip was laid out by a computer and it took a few years to create.

It’s a light frame (similar to a Pure Drive) but with a ton of flex. This means you’ll get good power but won’t have to sacrifice feel or touch. The idea is to pocket the ball like a heavier, more flexible racket and then to unleash the power like a stiffer frame.

We’ve tried them out and they’re as advertised. It takes some time to adjust to because you’re so accustomed to shortening up your swings with a stiffer, lighter racquet. With the Clash, you’re able to take full swings with confidence. The grips do run a bit larger than usual so we recommend scaling down one size.

We’re hoping for heavier variations of the Clash or maybe more “Pro Staff” style rackets using the technology soon. Wilson has definitely done a great job with the Clash and it’s most likely the racquet of the year or even decade.

Demo them for yourselves, we have both the Clash and the Clash Tour strung up!

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 1.21.54 PM.png

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