COVID-19 updatePlease remember to not touch your face while playing and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling demos.


  • Cost: $50
  • Racquets: 2 racquets out at a time
  • Check out period: 5 days max per check out
  • Overall Program Duration: 1 month
  • Late Fees: $2 per racquet per day will be taken off the Demo credit after the 5th day

The demo program is designed to allow customers to test racquets before purchasing.

The $50 will only be credited towards a racquet purchase during/once the 1 month expires minus late fees. (Racquets must be from or similar to the ones on the program)

If the racquets do not come back before the program expires or if you damage and/or lose them, you will be charged for the full retail prices of the racquets plus strings on the credit card.

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